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Hazardous waste disposal and storage specifications must be kept in mind

2019-05-21 15:29:19


Due to the characteristics of corrosive, toxic, flammable, reactive and infectious, hazardous wastes are improperly disposed and managed, and storage is not easy to cause pollution and harm to the ecological environment. Regarding the disposal and storage of hazardous waste, these irregular behaviors should be avoided, and the principles of discipline should be kept in mind!


Illegal disposal of dangerous waste


First, hazardous waste collection and storage irregular behavior


1. The facility that temporarily collects hazardous waste in the workshop does not have a hazardous waste identification mark.


2. When the solid waste temporarily collected by the workshop is transferred to the solid waste waste warehouse, the transfer settlement or the consolidated account record is not perfect.


3. General industrial solid waste or hazardous waste is stacked in the open air.


4. The hazardous waste storage area is not equipped with the hazardous waste identification mark, and no label is placed on the packaging container.


5. Mixed storage of general solid waste and hazardous waste is not classified and stored.


6. Hazardous waste has not been declared for more than one year.


7. There are no diversion tanks and collection wells in the place where hazardous waste is stored.


8. The loss of general solid waste and hazardous waste exists in the places where general solid waste and hazardous waste are stored.


Second, hazardous waste disposal and utilization of irregular behavior


1. Mix hazardous waste into general industrial solid waste or domestic waste for disposal.


2. Entrusting general industrial solid waste to other provinces for disposal, not declared.


3. Undeclared, not approved, transfer hazardous waste to other provinces for disposal and utilization.


4. Hand over the hazardous waste to the non-hazardous waste permitting unit for disposal.


5. The relevant information on the types, production, flow, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes has not been reported to the county (city, district) Ecological Environment Bureau.


6. The transfer of hazardous waste did not fill out the joint order as specified, or the joint order was not kept for 5 years.


Principles of hazardous waste storage facilities


I. Principles for the location of hazardous waste storage facilities


1. The geological structure is stable and the seismic intensity does not exceed 7 degrees.


2. The facility base must be above the highest groundwater level.


3. The boundary of the plant should be located 800 meters away from the residential area and outside the surface water 150.


4. It should be avoided in areas with caves or vulnerable to natural disasters such as floods, mudslides, landslides, tides and other areas.


5. Should be outside the flammable and explosive materials warehouse, high-voltage transmission circuit area


6. It should be located in the downwind direction of the largest wind frequency in the residential area.


Second, the design principles of hazardous waste storage facilities


1. The floor and skirt should be constructed of strong, impervious materials that are compatible with hazardous waste.


2. There must be a leak-proof liquid collection device, a gas outlet, and a gas purification device.


3. Facilities should have security lighting and observation windows.


4. Where liquid or semi-solid containers are used, there must be a corrosion-resistant hardened floor with no cracks on the surface.


5. The skirt angle of the leak should be designed. The volume of the ground and the skirt should not be less than one-fifth of the maximum capacity or total storage of the largest container.


6. Incompatible hazardous waste must be stored in isolation and with isolated partitions.


Third, the principle of hazardous waste storage and stacking


1. The foundation must be impervious, the barrier layer must be at least 1 m thick clay layer (impregnation coefficient ≤ 10-7 cm / s) or 2 mm high density polyethylene film or at least 2 mm after other artificial materials permeability coefficient ≤ 10cm / s.


2. The height of hazardous waste should be determined according to the ground carrying capacity.


3. The lining should be placed on a foundation or base.


4. The lining should be able to cover the range of hazardous waste or its emissions that may be involved.


5. The lining material should be compatible with the hazardous waste deposited.


6. Design and build a leachate collection system on the lining.


7. The runoff grooming system should be designed and constructed to ensure that the 25-year storm will not flow into the waste pile.


8. The rainwater collection tank should be designed in the hazardous waste pile to ensure that the rainfall of 24 hours in a 25-year storm can be collected.


9. Hazardous waste should be protected from wind, rain and sun.


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