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Industrial filter bags help control air pollution

2019-06-10 14:26:05

         Industrial filter bags help control air pollution.  Ecological management, road obstruction and long, the line will come.Since the implementation of the air pollution prevention and control action plan, China has made unprecedented efforts in pollution control, introduced regulations more frequently, exercised strict supervision and law enforcement, and improved environmental quality faster than ever before.The pollutants generated in the flue gas of thermal power plants include sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, dust and other harmful components. In particular, when nitrogen oxide combines with water in the air, it will eventually be converted into nitric acid and nitrate. Nitrogenous acid is one of the main components of acid rain.In order to meet the requirements of ultra-low emissions, yuanchen science and technology has allocated a large amount of research funds to cooperate with well-known universities in China to develop and experiment on an integrated filter material based on ceramic fiber for dust removal and denitrification, which is usually called industry filter bag.Ordinary ceramic fiber, also known as aluminum silicate fiber, ceramic fiber products of light weight, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, small specific heat and mechanical vibration resistance and other advantages of industrial products, can be used in a variety of high temperature, high pressure, easy to wear environment,industry filter bag commonly used above materials.

        Yuan source of science and technology "based on ceramic fiber filter material of dust removal denitration integration" can realize dusting the denitration integration, the conventional dusting and denitration using cloth bags and SCR cellular denitration catalyst, covers an area of big, process, operation process is complex, use the patent technology can effectively catch dust and avoid denitration catalyst alkali metal poisoning or water poisoning, the service life is much higher than a bag, but also easy to recycle, reduce environmental pollution.Compared with prior art, this technology has the following advantages:

  1. Industry filter bag can simultaneously remove particulate matter, NOx and dioxins. Combined with ceramic fiber filter material and denitrification catalyst, it can achieve perfect high efficiency in a set of equipment.
  2. Better economic benefits: it can save about 25-35% of the overall cost.
  3. Reliable and high efficiency: the treatment efficiency of nitrogen oxides can reach more than 95%;The treatment efficiency of dioxins can reach more than 99%.The concentration of particulate matter in exhaust is less than 5mg/Nm3.At the same time, the catalyst is still protected because it is incorporated into the wall of the filter tube, thus avoiding the poisoning and/or deactivation of the catalyst, which is a great advantage over the traditional honeycomb selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.The catalyst remains active in the filter wall for several years and does not require any restoration of mature long-term properties.
  4. Long service life: the filter material based on ceramic fiber can withstand high temperature (the filter material itself can withstand 900℃), flame retardant, corrosion resistance and other properties are significantly better than conventional filter material. At the same time, the surface of filter material can effectively prevent arsenic, selenium, sodium and other metals that harm the catalyst, greatly extending the service life of the catalyst.
  5. Energy saving: filter material with catalyst can also process waste gas up to 350℃, and produce very clean hot air for other USES in the factory, reducing energy consumption of heat exchanger.

     By dipping on the ceramic fiber filter tubes containing catalytic components of titanium dioxide particles, with the flue gas dust removal at the same time, can the advantages of the catalytic reduction of NOx in flue gas, dioxin, combined with ceramic fiber filter and denitration dioxins catalyst, achieve perfect efficiency in a set of equipment performance, including dust filtration efficiency can reach above 99.99%, NOx removal efficiency can reach above 95%, the dioxin removal efficiency can reach above 99%, and about 25-35% of the overall cost can be saved by reliable, high efficiency, energy saving, long product life.As an environmental protection enterprise, yuanchen technology has accumulated rich experience in industrial dust removal and denitrification, waste denitrification catalyst regeneration and other fields, and has occupied an important position in the air pollution control industry.In the future, yuanchen science and technology will continue to respond to the national call, play a good blue sky battle, for the protection of blue water and blue sky, build a beautiful China to make due contributions.


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