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Note for installation of filter bag of cloth bag filter

2019-08-05 10:47:34

Note for installation of filter bag of cloth bag filter.The correct installation of filter bag is of great significance to the service life of the bag filter. If the filter bag is not installed correctly, it may cause the wear of filter bag and affect the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter.Filter bag is usually cylindrical, vertical suspension in the bag dust collector, in the installation of the filter bag, the filter bag set into the cage bone, and then from the flower plate hole hanging down in the bag dust collector.Attention should be paid to the installation of filter bag:

Pulsed bag collector

1 all filter bag seams are oriented in the same direction, which can help to effectively troubleshoot problems in case of wear and tear of filter bag.

2.Check whether the edge of the filter bag with flange or cuff folded at the top of the supporting cage bone is smooth to prevent leakage or wear of the filter bag.

3.The cloth bag should not be too large than the cage bone, so as to avoid too loose and unsupported cloth bag, leading to excessive wear between the bag and the bag and the cage bone, and reducing the service life.At the same time, the cloth bag should not be smaller than the cage bone, so as to avoid excessive stretch of the cloth bag, and shorten the service life of the filter bag when the ash is removed.The uniform tension of the filter bag should be ensured to eliminate the hidden danger that the bag may be damaged during the operation of the filter bag.

4.Proper spacing shall be kept between filter bags when installing them.Too large spacing will cause waste and increase investment costs;Too small spacing will lead to friction damage between filter bags during cleaning.

5.The filter bag and cage bone should be hung vertically on the cloth bag dust collector to avoid any gap between the cloth bag and the flower board and increase the operation cost caused by wear.

The cage bone should be inspected during installation, and the surface of the cage bone should be smooth, without bumps and burrs.


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